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This technology will introduce a number of new features that power both the “Be a Pro” gameplay and offline game modes, and gives a better reflection of what players can do on the pitch.

Motion Capture Suits

Fifa 22 Full Crack gives players the chance to see how their movement might look on the pitch, and influences their ability to control the ball on the pitch. A motion capture suit, worn by all players, is used to track player’s movements on the pitch in real-time, bringing this technology to life.

This system changes the way FIFA 22 plays, and sets the game apart from FIFA 17.

Every player now has a recorded movement profile for every shot, run and pass they complete, as well as sprinting, shooting, crossing and dribbling.

This combination of real-time and recorded movement brings on-pitch actions to life, and allows players to better control their movements on the pitch. On the pitch, players will be able to slow down or speed up certain actions depending on how they’ve performed in the past.

HyperMovement – a variation of the technology used in FIFA 17

The technology that powers HyperMovement also appears in FIFA 17, and is already used in many sports games.

The technology that makes up HyperMovement gathers real-life data from 22 players, giving a detailed and complete view of the actions taken on the pitch, not just from the action taken by one player.

The technology used in FIFA 17, called “Hyper Movement,” uses motion capture data in FIFA 17 based on 14 players’ movements, with more statistics from these actions in the match than FIFA 16.

The player data collected for HyperMotion, however, is completely new in FIFA 22.

Real-time data captured from all 22 players allows each player to react to different situations on the pitch based on past performances. It also provides new opportunities for players. The technology used by FIFA 17 includes data from 14 players who wore a motion capture suit.

The new data collected for the 22 players in FIFA 22 has a huge impact on gameplay.

For example, the new system will react to how a player has performed in the past, and react accordingly. Players who have performed well may be rewarded by the system with an easier challenge, while players who have performed badly will have a harder challenge to face.


Features Key:

  • Substitute the legend Victor Valdés with an impassive AI named Goaliebot, which makes the most difficult of saves with an uncanny ability to stop them.
  • Pick from 250 different players, including the Top 99 players* from last year’s FIFA Champions League final*, the Top 99 players from previous year’s FIFA World Cup™ and the Top 99 players from the year’s all-time World XI.
  • Challenge for skillful dribblers everywhere by adding to your squad the boots of “Zinedine Zidane” and “David Alaba” – both first-ever unlocks in FIFA 21.
  • Improve your player attributes with a new Game Engine that reveals more hidden attributes and a new chip allowing you to add small numbers to any position on the pitch.
  • Play Champions and Club World Cup finals across Europe in any order, write your own history, and admire the incredible stadiums that make your favourite teams’ home ground so much more than a place to watch the match.
  • The ideal soundtrack for every game with Top 25 FIFA Classics. Plus, experience a brand new journey to the grandest stages with the brand new Authentic Overtures – and help your favourite teams overcome their problems and overcome their opponents.
  • Create moments that last with the all-new Moments – the ideal place to show off your best goals, celebrations, shots, saves, and more.
  • Master your free kicks with a new free kick indicator and an enhanced free kick system and flow for accurate, measured and dedicated free kicks in the box or deep on the wing.
  • Discover stunning new first-person views of both players and the ball to see life from the perspective of the sport’s best.
  • Experience new interaction schemes, including revamped defensive “physical” tackles and celebrations and in-depth training and ultimate team features.
  • Achieve new loveable relationships with new romances, challenge new rivals in all-new online leagues, relive old rivalries and friendships in brand new online challenges.
  • Unlocks content as you play using the new FIFA Ultimate Engine, which lets you progress through games unlocking rewards and items.


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FIFA™ is the world’s most popular sports video game franchise. It has been a staple of the PlayStation® system since 1996 and has become the best-selling sports title in PlayStation® history. FIFA and EA SPORTS™ FIFA are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.

What do you mean?

FIFA™ 2014 marks the 24th season of the FIFA series and EA SPORTS™ FIFA 2014 marks the sixth release in the series.

What does the Collector’s Edition include?

Collector’s Edition Includes

This content is rated E for Everyone. Must be at least 17 years of age to play.

FIFA 14 is rated “E10+” by the ESRB for Everyone 10 and older.

Season Pass Limited Edition with Championship Pack

Championship Pack includes

This content is rated M for Mature. Must be at least 17 years of age to play.

FIFA 14 is rated “M” by the ESRB for Mature 17 and older.

Disc Includes

Receiver code for “Electronic Arts Official Soundtrack”.

Includes Madden NFL 25 (Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Please Note: Consoles and DLC are required to play on PC. This game can also be purchased via PSN or Origin.

Deluxe Edition includes

This content is rated “E10+” by the ESRB for Everyone 10 and older.

FIFA 14 is rated “E10+” by the ESRB for Everyone 10 and older.

How do I get this content?

FIFA 14 officially launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on September 25th. To help prepare you for the launch, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14 and the Football Manager® 2014 Season Pass will be available starting September 7th. To purchase this content, visit our digital storefront.

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Football is changing with the times. New technologies and new formats are revolutionizing the way the game is played—and how it


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Whether you’re an experienced ultimate team player or a fan of the virtual trading card game, you’ll be able to create a dream team of players and compete in FIFA Ultimate Team modes. Be the ultimate manager and amass a collection of your favorite players, or play with a single player against the computer or against friends. Be the ultimate gamer and become a virtual legend by winning cups, challenges, and trophies, opening up new ways to level up and rise through the ranks.

FIFA Mobile – FIFA Mobile is a fast-paced, free-to-play game that allows you to play with friends on-the-go and compete to find your favorite club at the top of the rankings. Create your own team of players or compete with the best players in the world to become a soccer legend.

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