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Taking advantage of Photoshop

Photoshop is a versatile program that helps you create, enhance, and alter all kinds of images. It also allows you to print images. Figure 2-1 shows Photoshop’s ribbon of editing tools.

FIGURE 2-1: The most advanced option is the Photoshop Workflow.

The tools are organized into three tabs:

• **Photoshop** This tab is the most powerful

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Photoshop’s vast collection of features make it one of the most popular software programs in the world. This guide will teach you about Photoshop Elements.

This guide was made for Mac users. However, it may be possible to use this guide on Windows as well.

This tutorial will walk you through:

Installing Photoshop Elements for Mac

Getting started with Photoshop Elements

Selecting media

Resizing images

Preparing Photoshop images for editing

Adding visual effects

Creating a transparency mask

Tracing images

Combining images

Cropping images

Adding text

Applying special effects

Removing unwanted objects

Creating a collage

Editing images

Using filters

Coloring images

Creating a cartoon

Adding an outline

Tracing images in Photoshop

Export images as PDF

Combining images using Photoshop Elements

Combining images

Creating a collage

Adding Text in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has several editing tools that can be used for all kinds of photo editing.

However, Photoshop Elements for Mac contains limited tools that you can use for all kinds of photo editing. They are:

Selecting media

Resizing images

Preparing Photoshop images for editing

Adding visual effects

Creating a transparency mask

Cropping images

Tracing images

Comparing the two software

In the following subsections, we will compare Photoshop with the features of Photoshop Elements for Mac. The best features of Photoshop Elements are highlighted here, along with the price of the package.

Photoshop Elements vs Photoshop for Mac: Comparison Chart

Using a cost comparison chart, you can quickly compare the features that come free with each software.

While using Photoshop, you need to buy licenses for different versions and also additional software. They include Photoshop Elements, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Muse, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Cloud.

They include the following features:

A free version of each product

A web-based version

New features that are added periodically

The following features come free with Photoshop Elements:

Remove red-eye effects

Redesigning images

Tracing images

Using layers and masks

Using a lot of tools

Transparency control

The following features come free with Photoshop:

Over 20 years of history

Animation tools

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What is Arrange / Table / Columns

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arrange / table / columns
What does it mean?
Here is the corresponding VB.Net
If not same, then difference in coding method
If using. then what does it mean using in Python, and what does it mean using in VB.Net
Here is the line of code from VB.Net

What’s New In?

What are the Types of Brushes?
This is the most basic type of brush. Light brushes are used for light effects such as illumination, reflections, and so on. Most pixels, especially in photos, are dim and flat in appearance. A light brush helps to smooth out these small details. You can use this tool in the Retouching palette.
Use a dark brush for darker effects. Darker effects make images appear less flat, more three-dimensional and gorgeous. A good example is a charcoal portrait. Use a dark brush for any dark areas such as shadows and for embossing.

Rendering Techniques
Dry Brush
This brush creates a smooth, dry, subdued impression. Unlike other brushes, this one does not apply the effect across the entire image. It creates a highly controlled localized effect, usually in a specific area. It is widely used for:
-Cropping and retouching
-Creating a particular area of effect (like the background of a photo)
-Creating a focus effect
-Trimming an image
-Smoothing color gradients

This tool produces a slightly different look. Instead of applying dry brush effects, it applies a stroke in a desired area of the image. A stroke usually starts with a subtle brush, and then it is gradually increased until the area is completely covered. This produces a more graphic look than dry brush and allows for more control over the effect. A good example is a sketchy, freehand drawing.
It is also commonly used for:
-Shadows and highlights
-Special effects (fire, earthquake, shadow puppets)
-Composite images
-Adding grunge or grungy images
-Transforming images

Vector Brushes
This brush behaves more like a pen than the above brushes. You place the tip of the brush on a point and draw a vector line. You can also use the brush to edit the color, outline, and shape of an existing object, just like a pen. The line is much more precise than a paintbrush and, like a pen, is more easily traced.
Vector brushes are found in the Drawing and Path tools. They are

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